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How We Notice Hate…

By Erez Shek | Nov 19, 2020


Sometimes self-awareness needs to be inspired. Host Erez Shek shares his own self-awareness journey to influence the thoughts that can take you on yours.

Joined by guests from around the world who share their lived experiences, their growth, and their own self-awareness journey that has gotten them to check themselves so they wreck themselves a little bit less.


"Sometimes we need inspiration to question all the things we are self-conscious about, instead of accepting them. Instead of being ruled by them.

That becomes self-awareness, and self-awareness helps us grow. It helps us heal. It helps us be more present in this world.

When we do that, we help others by nature." 

-Erez Shek

Delve even deeper on your self-awareness journey.


Where The Shek Check Podcast drops you off, the blog breaks it down into more ways to check yourself so that you wreck yourself a little bit less.


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How do we Notice Hate?

By Erez Shek | 11/20/2020

How do we notice hate? How do we notice hate? When do we notice hate the most?  What does hate look like?  What do I consider hateful? What does society consider hateful. Clearly- I’ve been thinking about hate a lot lately. When hate is… When hate is loud. When hate is obvious. When hate is…

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Passion is…

By Erez Shek | 10/29/2020

Passion is Personal   Passion is personal. We are passionate about the things that hit us as individuals. Things that are personal to us in some way. Maybe its passion about another person. A group of people. A piece of music. A piece of art. A sport. A sports team. A franchise of movies. A…

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Impact: When Intentions Don’t Matter

By Erez Shek | 07/17/2020

INTENT VERSUS IMPACT What is an intention? An intention is an idea or a thought, that you plan to carry out. It may be a vibe or an energy that you are aiming for. What is impact? It is the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another object. It can be an…

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Present Moment Awareness

By Erez Shek | 07/11/2020

present moment awareness practice Is it possible to always be in the present moment? I think it is a lovely idea to say, “Yes of course”. However the reality is, it is not always possible be living in the present moment. There will always be things we need to do, or to focus on that…

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The Case To Be Loud

By Erez Shek | 07/01/2020

Challenging Silence How much has silence hurt you? Were you taught that being loud was disruptive? How many times have you been told that silence is the same thing as peace? Does challenging silence scare you? Does it freak you out to be loud? In this episode I talk about the internal and external effects…

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Selfish 2b Selfless

By Erez Shek | 06/26/2020

Be Selfish To be Selfless How often have you heard that self-care is selfish? How often have you been told that the things that you do to take care of yourself are selfish acts? For how long has the word “selfish” been associated with something shameful? What if we slipped the script? What if we…

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Black Lives Matter- Say it

By Erez Shek | 06/25/2020

BLACK LIVES MATTER In order to say that Black Lives Matter, we have to understand why we need to say it. Why we need to be specific when we say that Black Lives Matter. As a white man, I do not say it enough. As a white man, I do not think about this enough.…

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Action = Hope

By Erez Shek | 06/21/2020

Is hope passive or action based? What is hope? Well there are many theories and perspectives out there. For instance “Hope Springs Eternal” is a phrase from the Alexander Pope poem An Essay on Man. It references that it is human nature to find fresh cause for optimism.  Now optimism is going to mean different…

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Push it real good….or don’t?

By Erez Shek | 06/17/2020

Years ago, the great American Hip Hop duo “Salt N Pepa” broke it down for us with the simple lyric:   “Push it real good”   Listen Salt N Pepa… you to pieces. I really do.  I have to call this idea of “pushing it real good” into question.  The idea that we have to…

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“You Will Be Found” Cover

By Erez Shek | 11/06/2019

Join me as a sing 4-parts of “You Will Be Found” from the musical “Dear Evan Hansen”. Thanks to the incredible app Smule, I get to sing, record audio, and record video of some of the greatest music created in this world. Also, getting to sing with people from all around the world, proving that we…

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Testimony matters

09/12/2019 3:48 PM by Str8 H8 from United States

This cast is a screaming, blasting, banging, example as to home we mitigate stigma, maximize health seeking behaviors, and normalize the human experience of having a psychology. It’s self-aware, gritty, and beyond empathic and empowering. My friend, thank you for this. I will distribute this far and wide.

Great show!

05/31/2019 10:22 PM by Watercooler25 from United States

I love the earthy mental health interviews and the takeaways from the podcast. I highly recommended 🙂

Solid podcast!

05/29/2019 10:55 AM by Nelson3377 from United States

Conversations like the ones taking place in this podcast are what have the power to bring about great change. Big thanks to Erez for making it happen and keeping the lines of communication open in the mental health world!

Wonderful podcast

05/21/2019 10:48 PM by Philipwave from United States

This podcast brings deep subjects to the table. Erez, the host, conducts the episodes with an open mind, as if it was a great conversation that you would love to be part of. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of things and you are opened to inner transformation, I definitely recommend it!


04/05/2019 9:37 PM by inna and gabe from United States

this is a great podcast. very important subject and Erez handles it in a wonderful way. kind and compassionate, with lots of understanding. Very raw and open and genuine.

Love it!

03/04/2019 10:19 PM by TheJVazShow from United States

Great show, love the energy and the idea of the show, definitely worth the subscription. Keep it up!

Pretty amazing

03/03/2019 5:27 AM by Confession Radio from United States

I love this show. It’s so brilliant the shows concept is amazing. What I love about it the host has been through a lot of these issues himself and you have to be through it to understand it. He gets it. Very informative and just all around a great show! Bravo!


01/16/2019 7:05 AM by RobbieMillward from United States

If you want to hear amazing stories of resilience and hope with a host that is knowledgeable and engaging, you’ve found it. I’ve had the pleasure of being on multiple podcasts and The Shek Check is an amazing experience both for the guest and the listener.

Glad I Found This!

01/13/2019 6:24 PM by SarahPNak from United States

I listen weekly and am so glad I found this podcast! Erez has a way of speaking that draws you in and content that keep you listening. He brings new and intriguing people to talk about their experiences and I’ve taken something from each episode!

Excellent show with an incredible host, discussing the necessary topics

01/13/2019 8:50 AM by Justin Birckbichler from United States

The headline says it all. Episode 15 is my personal fav.

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