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Self checking our Mental Health, Self-Awareness, Healing & Personal Growth with guests from all around the world.


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Podcast Reviews

  • Testimony matters
    by Str8 H8 from United States

    This cast is a screaming, blasting, banging, example as to home we mitigate stigma, maximize health seeking behaviors, and normalize the human experience of having a psychology. It’s self-aware, gritty, and beyond empathic and empowering. My friend, thank you for this. I will distribute this far and wide.

  • Great show!
    by jdm500! from United States

    I love the earthy mental health interviews and the takeaways from the podcast. I highly recommended ?

  • Solid podcast!
    by Nelson3377 from United States

    Conversations like the ones taking place in this podcast are what have the power to bring about great change. Big thanks to Erez for making it happen and keeping the lines of communication open in the mental health world!

  • Wonderful podcast
    by Philipwave from United States

    This podcast brings deep subjects to the table. Erez, the host, conducts the episodes with an open mind, as if it was a great conversation that you would love to be part of. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of things and you are opened to inner transformation, I definitely recommend it!

  • great
    by inna and gabe from United States

    this is a great podcast. very important subject and Erez handles it in a wonderful way. kind and compassionate, with lots of understanding. Very raw and open and genuine.

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