About The Shek Check



Self-Awareness is a powerful tool when it comes to our emotional and physical health- they work together. The Shek Check Podcast is influencing all the ways we can check ourselves so that we wreck ourselves a little bit less.

Creator, Producer & Host, Erez Shek, couples his own self-awareness journey with the lived experiences and knowledge of guests from around the world.

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Filled with updates and tips to check yourself so you wreck yourself a little bit less.

About Erez Shek

Erez Shek is the Creator, Host and Producer of The Shek Check.

As an entertainer and performer, Erez has always been incredibly connected to his emotional self. He created The Shek Check as part of his own self-awareness journey. Understanding the power of shared experiences, and shared conversations as fuel for growth & healing.


Where do you listen to The Shek Check podcast?

The Shek Check podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher and so many other platforms. Where do you check yourself to wreck yourself a little bit less?