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The self-awareness podcast that influences us to check ourselves so we can wreck ourselves a little bit less.

The Shek Check Podcast is bringing you some self-awareness checks based on the lived experiences of Host Erez Shek and conversations with guests from around the world.

We are using those moments and those conversations on the podcast to bring things out of our subconscious and into our consciousness.

So we can embrace self-awareness as a fluid model of growth and healing.

Through that, The Shek Check is normalizing these conversations by having these conversations.

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The Shek Check History

The Shek Check originally started as a YouTube channel exploring topics and ideas that we need to be talking about.

With others, but most importantly with ourselves.

Host and Producer Erez Shek saw the power of getting real with himself and embracing self-awareness for his own growth.

It has become a key part in influencing a mindful and growth inspired life. 

Wanting to have more of those conversations with others and exploring the space of self-awareness, he started the podcast. Conversations with others can build bridges of understanding among all of us, but it also connects bridges within each of us as individuals.  

By having these raw conversations with others (and with himself), Erez shows us we can normalize these conversations by actually having them. 

The Shek Check and Erez want to influence us all to start thinking and facing the things we might have trouble facing.

When we open that self-awareness space with ourselves, it carries out to the rest of the world.