Action = Hope

Is hope passive or action based?

What is hope? Well there are many theories and perspectives out there. For instance "Hope Springs Eternal" is a phrase from the Alexander Pope poem An Essay on Man.

It references that it is human nature to find fresh cause for optimism. 

Now optimism is going to mean different things to different people. It can even present itself in ways we may not realize, or outwardly judge as optimistic. I often thing that optimism, pessimism, positivity and negativty are simply judgements of things we do, say, think, or percieve.

They are paint we put on things when we attempt to define them or describe them, or define others or describe others.

Hope goes much deeper than that. 

What is hope?


There is always hope.

Well we can always hope.

I hope things will get better.

I hope things get better for you.

I hope I will get this job.

I hope I will fall in love.

I hope this world gets better.

I hope this year won’t suck.


I always hear the word "hope"  used in this magical way. Like its a bunch of tiny fairies we can’t see that play with the energies around us.

These magical fairies that can  change the energies of people. 

They create the change we hope for.  

They save the lives we are worried about.

They take away pain, and fear.

They are the reason we got that job/

They are the reason people are not single.

You hoped  enough and people around you hoped enough. 

That just saved the world.

So powerful.

Except it is....



Just to be clear, hope is not fake. What is fake, is the way we are have been looking at it. 

The fairies are like Santa Clause. Not real.

The fairies might share history with the tooth fairy, but the tooth fairy is not real either.  

So sorry if I just ruined your childhood.

Hope is real, the magical thinking behind it is not. 

Hope is a gorgeous word, its a beautiful feeling, its an incredible sentitment.

But in my opionion, the way we talk about, the way we meme about it, the way we view it.

We got it all wrong. 


See that life that hope saved, was actually a doctor doing some intensive and hard work. 

The fear that hope took away, is because you chose to take an action to face that fear.

That job that hope got you, well it was actually the company or business and the person that hired you.

MORE so, it was YOU that got you the job. With your talent, your knowledge, your personality…..your choices.


That relationship that hope got you, that was you connecting with someone. You went somewhere or did something, that caught someone else’s attention. They did something that got your attention. You chose to be where you were when that happen, in some way or another.

Then you made choices from that moment on. 



You see so many messages of hope out there,but I haven’t seen anything with those messages that are talking about our power of action and choice. As a representation of hope. As a drive.  

I do see beautiful, and poetic sentiments. Emotionally evocative.

"Hold on to hope, never lose hope." 

We can view hope as a perspective, sure.

What if we viewed hope as actions? What if the actions we took daily were actually acts of hope?

We just don’t necessarily call it hope when we are taking them. 

We possess it at all times, we don’t need to consciously hold on to it, we won’t lose it. .

It exists without even saying the word. 


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions create. Actions move. Actions challenge. 

If you afraid of something, does that fear go away without facing it? 

Facing it is a choice, it is an action.

When you put  yourself out there for a job, that is an action.

When you put yourself out there to date, that is an action.

Doing anything in life takes action, and those actions are choices that involve hope.

Even the tiniest action that we might not even perceive as worthwhile to note.

That to me, is hope.


What is an action you took today that was an act of hope?