Bonus: (de)Serving You

Podcast Episode Title- DeServing Yourself

“Sometimes it is you who isn’t giving you what you deserve” – We talk so much about how much we deserve, from others. We think so much about how much we deserve, from others. We get caught up in the emotions and actions that are born from that. Affecting a lot in our life.

If we don’t speak it, it certainly can be one of those subconscious mindsets we have gotten into. What we miss on is that it is not about the others. It never actually is when it comes to “deserving” or expectations, it actually becomes the quickest way to ignore our responsibility and accountability.

Get down with this Quick Self Check Shek Check

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Today’s Book Suggestion is: Mark Manson- The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck which definitely goes with the theme in this episode. Owning what is in your control, yousrelf.

About the Host, Erez

Erez Shek was born in the the California Bay Area. He always had a passion for psychology, mostly using it as an actor and a singer. Bringing his characters to life, by understanding how their mind worked. He has performed and lived all across the country. Realizing his understanding of psychology and his lived experiences with his own Mental Health could be paired together to open these conversations up.

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