Bonus: Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

Episode 39 Cover

This week’s quick self-check Shek Check, is dissolving the idea that “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks”.

So I know something I got in the habit of doing, (and actively trying to stop) is placing limiting beliefs on others.

“This is how they are, they will never change”.

I realized that limiting belief of others was born out of my limiting belief that I can’t change. That I am fixed as I am. So really, its a lack of belief in my ability to heal, grow and shift. Which then becomes my belief of others ability to heal, grow and shift.

So is it really that an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Or is it about our willingness to look at ourselves, and work on ourselves.

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About the Host, Erez

Erez Shek was born in the the California Bay Area. He always had a passion for psychology, mostly using it as an actor and a singer. Bringing his characters to life, by understanding how their mind worked. He has performed and lived all across the country. Realizing his understanding of psychology and his lived experiences with his own Mental Health could be paired together to open these conversations up.

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