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Checkin’ Kenyth Mogan : Queer Artist Feature

Queer Songwriter and Musician Kenyth Mogan joins us this week to share his new single “You and Me” (out May 22) off his new album “Star Stealer” (out June 15). Covers of 80’s classic’s from female artists. We jumped right into topics of queer culture, comparison culture, owning and discovering identity, and flashing back to…

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Uncovering Space with Guest Ryan Allen

“Your life, in it’s current state is your curriculum. You don’t need to wait for someone or something else. It’s you. It’s your life. Embrace it all as if you’ve chosen it and let it teach you” – Ryan Allen The Shek Check is joined by Guest Ryan Allen– Writer, Coach, Breathwork Teacher and the…

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Checkin’ Pride

Pride is defined as a quality or state of being proud. As a delight or elation arising from an act. That is what is celebrated every June for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community. Taking pride in standing up against discrimination, standing up for our human rights, standing up for our freedom, standing up…

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Checkin’ The Shame

Checkin’ the shame this week. Shame is real and it pops up in our lives in ways we may not fully realize. It forms from many different places. Perhaps its beliefs we grew up with, perhaps it is from events that have gone down in our lives, perhaps it has come from feeling the need…

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