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#StayAtHome Stories: Part 2

Part 2: #StayAtHome Stories Within this global event we are all experiencing together, we are each experiencing it differently. We can create a lot of space for understanding, compassion and perspective when we just take the time to listen. About others and within ourselves. In Episode 70, #StayAtHome Stories Part 1, we heard three different…

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Uncovering Space with Guest Ryan Allen

“Your life, in it’s current state is your curriculum. You don’t need to wait for someone or something else. It’s you. It’s your life. Embrace it all as if you’ve chosen it and let it teach you” – Ryan Allen The Shek Check is joined by Guest Ryan Allen– Writer, Coach, Breathwork Teacher and the…

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Checkin’ Jason Hanasik

Sitting down with Journalist and Filmmaker Jason Hanasik to talk about his new film “A Childhood on Fire”. “A Childhood on Fire” is a film about the father figures who violated Nick, the effects that abuse had on Nick’s sense of self and security, and the ways he is interrupting a cycle of violence so that…

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Checkin’ The Transparent Misfit

“Blessed are the weird people: Poets, Misfits, Writers, Mystics, Painters, Troubadours, for they teach us to see the world through different eyes” – Jacob Nordby James Tucker is an artist and the owner of Aesthetic Union- a letterpress print shop specializing in custom work and original editions. However, what James has created is more than that. He…

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