Episode 100: F*CK GOALS

We live in a very goal and milestone centric society. We teach it in our schools and homes. They show up in our relationships, our work, our friendships, our families. They drive competitions and fuel comparison culture. Does that truly help us?

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Mindset Check: 2021

2020 has been exhausting right? So, it might feel natural to look at 2021 as the answer to all our problems. Is that helpful though? Is it helpful for us to demonize the year 2020, and romanticize the year 2021?

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Impact: When Intentions Don’t Matter

Maybe you have said it, or maybe you have heard it.

“I’m sorry, that was not my intent” or maybe “Their intentions were good” or maybe “My intentions were pure”.

I would like to believe that a good portion of the time, people do have good intentions.

It would be a beautiful thing to believe that people’s intent is not to hurt anyone. However, no matter the intent….hurt is still hurt.

The impact lives outside of us, while the intent only lives inside of us.

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Black Lives Matter with Guest Lorren Cotton

Beyond the hashtags, the powerful protests, and the media coverage lives the real, honest, and maybe uncomfortable conversations between white people and black people that need to take place. Can we do that? Yes we can, if we choose to. Actress Lorren Cotton sat down to talk about her experience as a black woman in…

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