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Understanding the Inner Critic

The Inner Critic The inner critic is what we call that inner voice that judges, criticizes and shames us. The thoughts surrounding actions, interactions, reactions, our choices and our behaviors-  that is our inner critic. Yes, at times that inner critic can be harsh- which might seem like an understatement at times. We might hate…

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Understanding the Mother Wound

The Mother Wound Have you intentionally looked into your mother wound? We are all born of a mother-  and so we all have a mother wound. To understand the mother wound, we have to understand that there are generations of beliefs and behaviors that get passed down. The roles mothers played in the past and…

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Cultivating Intuition

Intuition In Episode 95 of The Shek Check Podcast I sat down to chat with the founder of The Intuitionology Project, Sunil Godse to talk about intuition and cultivating intuition. in·tu·i·tion /ˌint(y)o͞oˈiSH(ə)n/ noun the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Sunil Godse: Cultivating Intuition Sunil Godse is a well-known coach…

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REFRAME What does it mean to reframe? I’m sure we have all heard the word reframe in terms of art work or photography. Well guess what. To reframe is not just for art work or photography. We reframe a lot of things that are not using actual frames. re·frame (verb) /rēˈfrām/   To see something…

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Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory Attachment theory is all about the relationships we have and how we feel in them. According to attachment theory, early childhood experiences shape how we feel in relationships and impact us our whole life . How our needs were or were not met is what ultimately forms our attachment style later on in…

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