Quick Self-Check

Shiftin’ Self Care

Podcast Episode Cover

The ways we market and promote Self-Care needs to change. There is a heavy focus on self-care from the outside in, which is totally legitimate. I think our focus needs to shift, not ignore. We see more and more focus turn to our Mental Health, which needs more than a bubble bath. More than what…

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Bonus: Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

Episode 39 Cover

This week’s quick self-check Shek Check, is dissolving the idea that “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. So I know something I got in the habit of doing, (and actively trying to stop) is placing limiting beliefs on others. “This is how they are, they will never change”. I realized that limiting belief of others…

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Bonus: (de)Serving You

Podcast Episode Title- DeServing Yourself

“Sometimes it is you who isn’t giving you what you deserve” – We talk so much about how much we deserve, from others. We think so much about how much we deserve, from others. We get caught up in the emotions and actions that are born from that. Affecting a lot in our life. If…

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