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Present Moment Awareness

present moment awareness practice Is it possible to always be in the present moment? I think it is a lovely idea to say, “Yes of course”. However the reality is, it is not always possible be living in the present moment. There will always be things we need to do, or to focus on that…

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The Case To Be Loud

Challenging Silence How much has silence hurt you? Were you taught that being loud was disruptive? How many times have you been told that silence is the same thing as peace? Does challenging silence scare you? Does it freak you out to be loud? In this episode I talk about the internal and external effects…

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Selfish 2b Selfless

Be Selfish To be Selfless How often have you heard that self-care is selfish? How often have you been told that the things that you do to take care of yourself are selfish acts? For how long has the word “selfish” been associated with something shameful? What if we slipped the script? What if we…

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Strife Lies

Anxiety, our strife, lies to us. It tells us things about ourselves that are not true, undermining our steps forward in life. Just like anyone who lies to me, I call it out. Address it head on.

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Not Today Toxic

There are people we already know or meet that become toxic for our mental health. There are a few myths on who these people can be and there are also things that prevent us from doing what we need to do to rid ourselves of them in our lives, even if its for our mental…

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