Cultivating Intuition


In Episode 95 of The Shek Check Podcast I sat down to chat with the founder of The Intuitionology Project, Sunil Godse to talk about intuition and cultivating intuition.

the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Sunil Godse: Cultivating Intuition

Image: Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse is a well-known coach to many. He’s helped 1000s of people make the right decisions in their life by building their intuition.

Godse has interviewed over 1000 successful entrepreneurs in a hunt to find what drives them to be so successful. He claims that over 80-90% of them have made decisions based on their intuition in their past and it plays a huge role in their success.

These interviews drove Godse to do more research on the topic and find academic proof of its existence.


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Intution: The Unique Experience

Intuition is extremely unique to every person. Your signals may not be the same as some other’s signals. Hence, Godse says the first thing to do is to identify your positive and negative signals and then build from there. Part of that can be understanding how you relate to intuition.

Which is why it becomes important to be aware of the different types of beliefs and connection we carry regarding intuition. In this episode, Sunil expands on those different beliefs and connections we might hold.

  • People who’re fully aware of their positive and negative signals and operate in sync with them.
  • People who need the validation of the existence of the concept of intuition.
  • People who are kind of into it and talk about it but don’t practice it.
  • People who don’t understand it at all and make all their decisions based on data and logic.

How can you cultivate intuition?

Godse hosts a free 7-day challenge that helps you work through any of your life problems using intuition. Here’s what exactly happens in the challenge:

  • Identify the problem
  • Measure your intuition at the start
  • Find what didn’t work out in the past
  • Create a basket of negative signals
  • Put yourself in an environment and answer how to solve the problem.
  • Find what environment do you want to be in
  • Find a mentor. People that will help you solve that problem.
  • Measure your intuition in the end.

Check Yourself

When asked one thing to say for listeners to check themselves to wreck themselves a little less, Godse replied “The best thing is to look in the past and identify good and bad decisions and look at how you felt about them. Feel those signals and let them influence your decision making in the future”

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