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Trapped Emotions with Guest David Delgado

Guest David Delgado (founder of Moksha- A personal development company) sits down to talk about his discovery of his own trapped emotions and how they showed up in his life.

David is a UX designer by trade and began walking the path within when he faced unexplainable brain fog, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms. On his journey, he became immersed in the fields of biohacking, contemplative sciences, breath work, transpersonal psychology, subconscious programming, and other modalities.

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Impact: When Intentions Don’t Matter

Maybe you have said it, or maybe you have heard it.

“I’m sorry, that was not my intent” or maybe “Their intentions were good” or maybe “My intentions were pure”.

I would like to believe that a good portion of the time, people do have good intentions.

It would be a beautiful thing to believe that people’s intent is not to hurt anyone. However, no matter the intent….hurt is still hurt.

The impact lives outside of us, while the intent only lives inside of us.

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The Case To be Loud

How much has silence hurt you? Were you taught that being loud was disruptive? How many times have you been told that silence is the same thing as peace? Does challenging silence scare you? Does it freak you out to be loud?  Host Erez Shek explores the mythical connection between silence and peace. Check out…

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