Black Lives Matter with Guest Lorren Cotton

Beyond the hashtags, the powerful protests, and the media coverage lives the real, honest, and maybe uncomfortable conversations between white people and black people that need to take place.

Can we do that? Yes we can, if we choose to.

Actress Lorren Cotton sat down to talk about her experience as a black woman in America, how racism shows up in her life, how it has shown up in her life, how it shows up in our school systems, in workplaces, on the streets, in the entertainment industry, and of course in our legal and policing systems. 

We can choose to have these conversations surrounding black lives, and with black voices.

Lorren Cotton is a Los Angeles based actress and writer, known for Lured (2012), Where the Water Runs (2018), Resurrection Mary (2005), L.A.A.P Presents Family Values (2007) and her YouTube series “Bible Stories: By KEY Lo-Lo”. A Chicago native, she studied at Columbia College & The Second City, and began doing theatre & film work. She then moved to Los Angeles & continued her training at Upright Citizens Brigade. Currently she can be seen in various commercials, on YouTube collaborating with many up & coming talent and performing live & viral with her all-female sketch comedy troupe, OvaryActing. She stars as “Angie” in the web series ‘Not by Choice’

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