Checkin’ Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

This week’s episode is brought to you by the letters ACT. What does that stand for? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Psychotherapist Greg Bodin (who is an absolute delight) joins us this week to talk about this type of Psychotherapy that is getting more attention these days, but is not new in any sense.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is action oriented and focuses on no longer avoiding ,denying, and struggling with our emotions. Instead it promotes accepting our feelings and responses to situations which actually allows us to take action moving forward. It promotes the strength from within, and commitment to our actions that carry out.

Greg Bodin LMFT is currently offering an online course for men out there who are struggling with change, work, stress relationship issues and other things that life throws at them. His course can help you figure out what is keeping you stuck, and learn skills to handle it. You will learn a clear and scalable method for making positive change happen in your life. Use it for small change, big change, and gain skills for becoming more flexible and handling the hard stuff.

Click Here to learn more about the course.

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