Checkin’ Internalized Toxic Positivity

What is toxic positivity? Toxic positivity is the belief that no matter how crappy something is, no matter what uncomfortable emotions we are feeling, no matter what the situation is- people need to find the “positive” side things and find a more positive mindset. 

The phrase “toxic positivity” has been popping up a lot lately, a lot more than it had been. Yet, it has always existed- the thinking has always existed. We are just calling it what it is now. 

Sometimes it is really obvious when toxic positivity shows up in the language or actions of people- “good vibes only”…”keep calm”….”don’t worry, be happy”. However, there are so many other ways that toxic positivity shows up in our lives, in fact I would say we have been conditioned to feel through life WITH a toxic positivity lens. 

How does it show up? Where does it show up? How is it affecting our growth and healing? How does it affect the space we create for others with their growth and healing?

Let’s talk about it.

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