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Checkin’ Kenyth Mogan : Queer Artist Feature

Queer Songwriter and Musician Kenyth Mogan joins us this week to share his new single “You and Me” (out May 22) off his new album “Star Stealer” (out June 15). Covers of 80’s classic’s from female artists.

We jumped right into topics of queer culture, comparison culture, owning and discovering identity, and flashing back to the music that shapes our journeys.

If you want to revisit (or be introduced) to the wonderful world of 80’s babies, than this is the time to do it.

Kenyth’s single “You and Me” ( featured on today’s episode) is available for download and streaming on iTunes and Spotify on May 22.

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Kenyth Mogan was born and raised in Northeastern Montana. Kenyth joined the ranks of Hollywood’s out and proud music scene with the release of his Wizard of Oz themed music video “Unlock Your Heart”. Since its premiere in 2015, Kenyth has been creating with hits like “It Was Love“, “Holy Water” and “Real Me“- which can be heard in Del Shore’s hit “A Very Sordid Wedding”

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