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Checkin’ Our Political Trauma with Guest Dr. Bryan Harnsberger

In this episode, Dr. Bryan Harnsberger joins the chat to talk about our political climate and how it is affecting our Mental Health.  Both collectively as society, and of course as individuals.

Since our Mental Health is how we think, feel and behave. To say that our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviors are not being impacted by the political energy around us would be false. Mental Health exists within all of us, just like our physical health. Creating awareness and understanding how we are being affected during this political trauma, can help us care for ourselves and others.

This episode was recorded right after the shootings in El Paso, Texas,  Dayton, Ohio,  and Gilroy, California.  I felt it was important we talk about how the stigma of Mental Illness heightens after domestic terrorist attacks and shootings. How and who contributes to this, and what we can do to lessen that stigma.

Are you registered to vote in your state? If not head on over to Vote.Org


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