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Checkin’ The Shame

Checkin’ the shame this week. Shame is real and it pops up in our lives in ways we may not fully realize. It forms from many different places. Perhaps its beliefs we grew up with, perhaps it is from events that have gone down in our lives, perhaps it has come from feeling the need to hide a part of yourself. It manifests, it grows, and it can extend to so many ways we interact with ourselves and others.

I went on a deep dive on this very topic with my guest this week, Mental Health Counselor Robert Sullivan. Since it is LGBTQ Pride Month  , we talked a lot of about the internalized shame many of us face after we come out of the closet.

Learn more about Robert and his work as a Psychotherapist right here:

The more we learn and embrace being Flawbulously Human, with help of course, the more we can let go of that shame. Like anything, it is a process.


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