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Checkin’ The Transparent Misfit

“Blessed are the weird people: Poets, Misfits, Writers, Mystics, Painters, Troubadours, for they teach us to see the world through different eyes” – Jacob Nordby

James Tucker is an artist and the owner of Aesthetic Union- a letterpress print shop specializing in custom work and original editions. However, what James has created is more than that. He has created a safe space to create, to learn, and to connect.

We all have our own stories and how they influence who we become, but the story forming never stops. New things are always influencing where we go next, what we do next, what we create next, and who we connect with. Its actually the wonderful thing when we story tell, in whatever way’s we tell our story. What becomes more important is the actions we take within that, how we live it out. James Tucker is an excellent example of moving with that, which in no way  means that it is easy. Speaking and living his truth, formed from understanding how life is like as an outsider. Finding transparency with himself in order to create a world for himself, and others, that allows you to be who you are and to  continue exploring that. Working from your story, as you continue writing or painting or speaking or just being.

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