Episode 100: F*CK GOALS

Have we missed the point of understanding what drives us instead of where we are driving to? Goals Vs. Values

We live in a very goal and milestone centric society. We teach it in our schools and homes. They show up in our relationships, our work, our friendships, our families. They drive competitions and fuel comparison culture.

There is an importance to having goals and milestones- they are destination points. Even though they keep moving and changing they serve us as motivation factors.

The question is, are we going where we really want to be going? Are those goals really ours? Do we know what is driving us to those goals?

A lot of our goals and milestones we have are learned, not self-discovered. So, why is it important to understand that the goals are actually not important?

Why should we shift our main focus to understanding and identifying what drives us? Our values.

Find out in this episode of The Shek Check Podcast.

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