Music: The Original Mental Health Advocate

Mental Health is defined as how we think, feel and behave. It encompasses our thoughts, our beliefs of ourselves and of the world, and our emotions. Something Music and Musicians have been promoting for decades.

When we look at Mental Health Awareness, we focus heavily on educating about mental illness & mental health conditions. What we tend to ignore is what is common in all of us. The base of Mental Health. Within all of that, we can talk at people, and hopefully plant seeds of awareness in those who are not interested or who have not been directly affected. We can never be sure they will water those seeds.

Music and Musicians create that connection, they touch that direct place, they plant the seeds and keep us watering them.

Perhaps it is giving name to emotions we haven’t named yet. Perhaps it empowers us to look at how we view ourselves, or how we view others. Perhaps it brings us perspective on a current situation. Perhaps the open struggle of a musician, allows us to open up about our own.

Music and Musicians create bridges of awareness within ourselves, and outside of ourselves. Forming communities of diverse people who might not have talked to each other. Forming conversations that might not have easily taken place before.

From rock to pop, jazz to disco, rap to R&B….music is a direct connection to our Mental Health and it creates the space where we can meet. It has always had the power to reach, and the ability to teach.

One song that continually hits me straight up in the feels is “You Will Be Found” from the musical “Dear Evan Hansen”. Check it out!  

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