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Black Lives Matter with Guest Lorren Cotton

Beyond the hashtags, the powerful protests, and the media coverage lives the real, honest, and maybe uncomfortable conversations between white people and black people that need to take place. Can we do that? Yes we can, if we choose to. Actress Lorren Cotton sat down to talk about her experience as a black woman in…

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Checkin’ Kenyth Mogan : Queer Artist Feature

Queer Songwriter and Musician Kenyth Mogan joins us this week to share his new single “You and Me” (out May 22) off his new album “Star Stealer” (out June 15). Covers of 80’s classic’s from female artists. We jumped right into topics of queer culture, comparison culture, owning and discovering identity, and flashing back to…

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Involved Evolution: Part Two with Guest Sari Lehrhoff M.D.

Episode 73: Involved Evolution: Part 2 In Part Two, Host Erez Shek continues his chat with Sari Lehrhoff M.D., the alternative psychiatrist. We continue to explore our work to be involved in our evolution including looking at our beliefs of self, rituals for our self-care, sleep hygiene and how we collect wisdom and challenge ourselves…

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