Patrick Hill: Empowering Loss

We all face different kinds of loss in our lives, and we all go through hard times. It is an undeniable reality.

The question becomes, what kind of freedom do we have to express what we are feeling? How safe do we think we are in expressing how and what we are going through?

Loss and grief are not things we were taught to have a healthy relationship with, even though we can and we should.

In today‚Äôs episode, Erez is joined by Patrick Hill. Patrick is a transformational business and personal coach, focused on helping and supporting people through the harder times in life. Patrick is here to help us understand what we can do in the now to help us be with our pain in order to feel past it. 

After 21 years in recovery from drug addiction and the loss of his mother, Patrick realized that most of the significant growth periods in his life have been born from difficult times. Realizing this, he wanted to create a safe space free of judgements for clients to look beyond fear and shame, in their now.

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