Rebecca Kennedy: Journey to Body Positivity

Body image issues are more common than we think and more than we openly discuss. The fitness and diet culture remind us of this constantly. Rebecca Kennedy has lived through the toxic side of those issues and that culture and now she is changing it by example.

Rebecca Kennedy is a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer & NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist based in downtown Orlando, Florida.

After struggling with being overweight (borderline obese) the majority of her life, she jumped into the fitness world head first – not knowing at all how toxic and extreme the fitness field can be. After losing a significant amount of weight, she spiraled into the world of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and obsessiveness over achieving the “perfect” body. It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom and started recovery that she recognized what she wanted, what would truly make her happy: balance.

“Fitness is not about obtaining the perfect aesthetic. It’s about making you feel your best, badass, most empowered self.” – Rebecca Kennedy

We all create images of how we want to look, how we want to be, and who we want to be. How far do we go with that? How much do we focus on the images of ourselves we are creating instead of how we feel? 

How much self-acceptance lives in those places? 

How much self-compassion is included? 

How much self-love are you feeling in that mind space? 

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