Shifts that Shape with Guest Tasha Jackson

Do our experiences shape us, or do the shifts we take from those experiences shape us? Or do they both?

“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now. From up and down…”Joni Mitchell

My conversation with Therapist and Author Tasha Jackson continues from Episode 57: “Swipe Right”.

There was a shift in our conversation that explored her own experiences and how they have shaped her, how they have shaped what she has done, and how they shape what she is doing now.

Discussing about her connection with the LGBTQ community, and what led to her own path of healing and growth. Jumping to topics regarding neurodiversity ,self-care, self-compassion, seeing things from both sides now and her genius “Hot Tub Theory”.

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Tasha Jackson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based out of San Francisco, CA. She has been on the national speaking stage with the APA- American Psychological Association. She has been published in trade journals and magazines. Featured articles on Shrink Tank about Mental Health and the Southern Border Crisis, and in a very contrasting piece she provides new perspective on her spirit animal Miss Piggy and her feminist undertones. As a therapist Tasha is trauma informed, having been trained in both traditional and more progressive theories she integrates different techniques to meet her clients individual needs. Focusing on the relationship with a client as the most important aspect of therapy. Learn more about Tasha and her work here.