Swiping Right with Guest Tasha Jackson

can we swipe right on ourselves to

allow ourselves to swipe right on others.

Therapist and Author Tasha Jackson joins me to talk about connecting in our social media age, dating in our social media age, and why we need to break down those thought barriers that keep us from swiping right.

Love is an essential part of life and a new love can open the door to personal growth in so many unexpected ways” – from “Master Dater” by Tasha Jackson

Social media and dating apps give us a wonderful new way to connect with people from around the world. It can also isolate us we scroll and swipe through information and people at a faster speed. We can blame and celebrate all of that, or we can move with it. Giving ourselves a chance for connections with others, and maybe a chance on love.

  • How can we navigate those love filled waters in our current, technological, scroll and swipe filled ocean? 
  • How can we face our thought barriers, so we can give ourselves a chance at love?
  • Can we move with our flaws, knowing that everyone else is flawed?
  • What can dating look like in this social media age?

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Tasha Jackson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based out of San Francisco, CA. She has been on the national speaking stage with the APA- American Psychological Association. She has been published in trade journals and magazines. Featured articles on Shrink Tank about Mental Health and the Southern Border Crisis, and in a very contrasting piece she provides new perspective on her spirit animal Miss Piggy and her feminist undertones. As a therapist Tasha is trauma informed, having been trained in both traditional and more progressive theories she integrates different techniques to meet her clients individual needs. Focusing on the relationship with a client as the most important aspect of therapy. Learn more about Tasha and her work here.

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