The MindBody Syndrome (TMS) with Guest Kevin Martillo Viner Ph.d

What is The MindBody Syndrome? Author and TMS Coach Dr. Kevin Martillo Viner sat down with Erez Shek to delve into what happens when we realize that the body has been saying what the mind has not been ready to. 

Kevin Martillo Viner Ph.d is a NYC based TMS author and personal coach and holds a PhD in linguistic. Kevin recovered from years of debilitating back and sciatica pain using Dr. Sarno’s approach to TMS recovery. 

Based on his years of comprehensive research and lived experience his new book “The MindBody Syndrome (TMS): A Path to Recovery And Freedom” delves deeply into the psychological mind of the TMS sufferer. Providing a framework and a myriad of tools for the necessary mind training involved in TMS recovery. 

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