How do we Notice Hate?

How do we notice hate?

How do we notice hate?

When do we notice hate the most? 

What does hate look like? 

What do I consider hateful?

What does society consider hateful.

Clearly- I've been thinking about hate a lot lately.

When hate is...

When hate is loud.

When hate is obvious.

When hate is obviously aggressive AND loud. 

We are aware.

A bunch of men and women with torches marching down the street yelling anti-semtic, racist and homophobic slurs.

We are aware of that hate.

When we see bombings of buildings or of countries.

We are aware of that hate.

When we drive past a house that has no problem waving a confederate flag waving in front of it.

Most of us are aware that hate lives there. 

When hate walks into schools with a gun and starts shooting.

We are aware of that hate.

When there are symbols of hate graffitied on the walls of mosques and synagogues.

We are aware of that hate.

It is loud.

It is obvious.

It is bold.

Many would call it "extreme". 

Is it extreme though, or is it just hate? 

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When hate is loud

In a past episode I spoke with Dr. Angelica Pinna-Perez in which she brought up the term "micro-aggression". In this context, micro-agression would be a minimization of an agression.

We might only be looking at hate in terms of the loud, bold, obvious and "big" aggresions. We might only focus on those events, groups and people as the issues we need to be concerened about.

Has that been helpful for us as a society?

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Check yourself

The loud and obvious acts and words of hate are easy to condemn. What we need to remind ourselves, that size does not matter. Percieved impact does not matter. Even intent does not matter.

All acts and words of hate matter.

What will you do to look at and for the less obvious things? 

The passive jokes. The passive acts.

The covert actions and jokes.

The ones that undercut…..the ones that we let slide…..

The ones we question or if… are privileged….the acts and words we debate.


Walk away from what you look at as obvious acts of hate.

What do the less obvious words and acts of hate look like for you?