Passion is…

Passion is Personal

Passion is Personal


Passion is personal.

We are passionate about the things that hit us as individuals. Things that are personal to us in some way.

Maybe its passion about another person. A group of people. A piece of music. A piece of art. A sport. A sports team. A franchise of movies. A fashion style or designer. A new dance on Tik Tok, a book.....something that resonates with you as an individual. Something that forms a connection with an individual.

Maybe it's something we see in this world that we don't want. So we are passionate about fighting against it. Maybe it is something that we want to see more of in this world. And so we are fighting passionately. To make that happen.

Passion. Is personal.

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Passionate Feelings

Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement.

There are a lot of things I feel passion towards and about. If I sat here and listed everything we would all be here for days.

The passion part becomes a motivator...a driver.
It pushes me.

The things I feel passion for.

The things I am passionate about.

The things I once felt passion for.

The things I once felt passionate about.


A hugely important thing to remember (and honor as best you can) is that others might not always understand that....regarding whatever you are feeling passionate towards.

That is okay. That is actually more than okay.

It is expected.

It is our passion.

It is personal.

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Passion & perspective

If I think about a piece of music that got me to dance or got me to cry or got me to think or gave me permission to be angry......there is a reason for all of that.

I mean there is a reason for every single emotion we feel period. So, its important to ask why we feel any of those emotions when they arise. When we feel it.

Someone else might listen to that same song. and be like:

"Yo.....what is wrong with you Erez. This sucks."

For me though, it hit something inside of me.
It is my reaction.

My experience.

My feelings.

My passion.

With any emotion we feel, we do feel them in response to something outside of us.

More importantly, we feel them in relation to our own experience and experiences. 

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Passion Is Infinite

The things we feel passion for. The things we are passionate about are infinite.

They are allowed to be infinite.

Just like the things that piss us of and bring us anger can be infinite.

Just like the people we love and the things we feel love towards can be infinite.

Just like the thigns that illicit anxiety can be infinte.

You are not boxed in by what you feel passion for.

You are never boxed in by what you are passionate about.

Passion is personal and Passion is infinite.

Check Yourself

What are you passionate about?

What are the things that bring you passion?


Let me know what you come up with.

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