Push it real good….or don’t?

Years ago, the great American Hip Hop duo “Salt N Pepa” broke it down for us with the simple lyric:


“Push it real good”


Listen Salt N Pepa…..love you to pieces. I really do. 

I have to call this idea of "pushing it real good" into question. 

The idea that we have to constantly be pushing ourselves, pushing ourselves hard to produce things, to be productive, to grow, to change, to ….become.

I’ve talked about this before, that we really hold on to this idea that  life is about becoming.

Become a job, or a title, or a status, or …..a different version of ourselves.

Becoming and changing as a driving focus in our life. 

The thing about driving is….you can’t be speeding. You can’t be pushing that gas pedal real good. That becomes a bit reckless doesn't it?

Yet we carry that mentality into everything we do, into how we exist. How is that really working out for us? Beyond the big ideas and goals, or the money or whatever. 


Right now, in the midst of a global pandemic, in the midst of a collective trauma that we as humans are going through right now. It might be our instinct to push ourselves real good.

To find all the ways we can push ourselves with whatever limits we are physically facing.


There was this post spreading on social media that said:

“If you don’t come out of this quarantine with 

  • A new skill
  • Your side hustle started
  • More knowledge

You never lacked time, you only lacked discipline." 

So I am sure that the intention of this post was to inspire or motivate, but there is a huge difference between intention…..and impact.

Maybe it does motivate you, maybe it inspires you. Maybe it feels like you should be inspired by it, but you are not. Maybe you feel some shame from it, guilt or maybe some anxiety.

Which honestly, when anybody tells you “because you are not doing this”...."this is what is wrong with you”...its not a good thing. That is literally shaming or guilting you. It is pressure.

It's a solid sales mentality, not a healthy human mentality.


What I think we fail to see is that version of productivity, that tells us to fill up our time and our focus on changing.

On pushing ourselves.

On becoming.

It has all been a coping skill we’ve been using for decades. It has been taught to us, and while the intent of it comes from a place of bettering ourselves and to create a future for ourselves. The impact has been hurting us.


Now, as we face a deep and major societal change, we are clinging on to that.

Our only version of change that we think we know, is by pushing ourselves and by pushing ourselves real good.

Maybe we need to start looking at the power of slowing down for change.

Maybe we should explore how we can yield to create change.


Mindfulness is a great tool to strengthen our ability to slow our roll. We do not need to keep pushing ourselves "real good" to get things done. Check out these 6 Mindfulness Exercises you can start incorporating into your daily life.