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Be Selfish To be Selfless

How often have you heard that self-care is selfish? How often have you been told that the things that you do to take care of yourself are selfish acts?

For how long has the word "selfish" been associated with something shameful?

What if we slipped the script? What if we looked at being selfish as a selfless act?

Be Selfish

At the end of every episode of The Shek Check I say:

Keep taking care of yourself, because that is the only way we can take care of others. 

It is completely and utterly true. Whatever we are doing to take care of ourselves goes out into the rest of the world.

We will have nothing to give to others, if we are not giving anything to ourselves.

Some might call that selfish and that is not a bad thing at all.

Selfish might have a "negative" connection to it, but only because we give it that judgement.

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Shiftin' Self-Care

The ways we market and promote self-care needs to change. There is a heavy focus on self-care from the outside in, which is totally helpful.

As we talk more and more about mental health, we have to look at the deeper work we do as self-care.

Our mental health needs more than a bubble bath. More than the pampering that we focus on when we talk about self-care.

In a world that is so based on the physical first, we are a world thirsty and desperate to take a shift in our focus.

We need to shift our views of self-care in. We need a shift-in.

Self Check Yourself

How can you shift the way you practice self-care? Check out this episode to learn more.

More Resources

Looking for more resources for doing inner work as part of your self-care?

Check out "What is Inner Work?" on the Loner Wolf website.

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