Stability: The Remix

In an official capacity, the dictionary defines stability as the quality, state, or degree of being stable.  Stable being defined as something that has balance, that is firmly established, that is not changing or fluctuating. Where and how that sits with us as individuals and in our own lives might be different.

For many of us "stability" has been positioned as something we reach. Something we work towards or work for. A place we reach or find. Have you ever considered that that definition and understanding of stability has limited you? What if you found a new understanding of stability- one that is entirely yours.

What if you took the broad understanding of "stability" and "balance" and created a remix. Your remix.

Something I explored in Episode 102  "Stability: The Remix"  of The Shek Check Podcast.

Episode 102 • Stability: The Remix Transcript

Host Erez Shek

What is up? I am Erez Shek and you are checking in with the Shek Check- the podcast dropping gems of awareness that hopefully lets you take it inward to work that self-awareness muscle of yours. Promoting that self check fact check on how we think feel and behave.

And today let's talk about Stability....question mark?

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A long time ago in what feels like a different life, I was at a gay pride festival. I was around like 20 years old and it was, I think, my second or third pride event, uh, not the pride parade, but one of the many festivals that happen right after. A party in the streets.
And at the time I was like super obsessed with finding a boyfriend. I thought that having a boyfriend, having

someone would offer me stability, right? Stability that I didn't feel like I had, but I knew, or I thought I knew that someone else would be that, that someone else would be stability for me in my life. They would be my anchor. They would be my solid ground. Balance. Stability.
And if I attain that right? If I found that, if I found that person, if I found those things that would offer me that stability, right? Then I would, then I would have it. Then I would have that stability. If I
found them, if I found it, I would have it. I would have that anchor. So at this pride festival with one of my closest friends, I literally started yelling out: "STABILITY!!! I would like to recruit you.
Number one, it wasn't effective. It didn't work. There was no man. No stability found or acquired. A hangover the next day was acquired though. So there's a win there.
Number two. At that age, you know, we thought this was hilarious. You
know, just being in the middle of the streets of this festival in the middle of Philadelphia, just yelling desperately for stability. There are levels of humor to that because desperation and confusion are hilarious.
However, looking back, right? Looking back, it makes me question this idea of stability or basically how I viewed stability or really how stability is presented and promoted to us or how we work and we
search for it. We work towards it. Search for it, try to attain or we think we have attained it. And then when it turns out we haven't attained it, we haven't reached that point, uh, then we get really upset with ourselves and we feel even more instable and unbalanced.
Stability or "Stability?".
You know, when we talk about stability, we are typically talking about emotional stability, financial stability, work stability, stability in our relationships and we look
at it as something we work for... a destination that we work towards. An attainment that you know, is representative of solid ground. Of a balanced place, a safe place, a place of... really control.
What if that's all bullshit? What if all those purely external happenings were not stability? What if stability was not external at all, or a destination at all?
What if stability was actually behaviors that we took and chose daily. A practice. A practice of how we walk on shaky ground. A set of inner tools that help us cultivate and realize that we are the safe space that we seek to find. A set of tools that remind us that we are the control that we seek to find. A practice that shows us how we can move in a naturally imbalanced,
unstable world.
The world is built on imbalance and instability. So why would we seek it outside of us?
What if stability was not dependent on someone else, someplace else or something else? What if you've actually always had, like, stability within you? What if stability was with you, in you, and available to you at all times? Not a place that we get to or attain
or are rewarded with.
See, I think there are so many things in this world that we place as destination pieces that we are taught are destinations. Things that we need to work for, things that we need to achieve or need to obtain in order to have stability. Quote unquote stability- in our relationships, our finances, our jobs, our homes, our life.
What if that chase isn't a chase? What if that stability you seek, is you and how you are interacting
and managing this world that we live in, how you are interacting with this world, how you are managing yourself in this world that we live in. The world that is naturally imbalanced and naturally shaky and naturally filled with uncertainty.
What if stability was a practice of how you are relating and interacting with all of that? What if?
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And we want that, right? We want that opportunity. Am I, am I wrong? I don't think I'm wrong. And of course it, please make sure to keep taking care of yourself because when you do that, you are taking care of other people. And we want that too. We're a big fan, big fan of that. HUGE.
Until next time... Shek Check out.


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