The Case To Be Loud

Challenging Silence

How much has silence hurt you? Were you taught that being loud was disruptive? How many times have you been told that silence is the same thing as peace? Does challenging silence scare you? Does it freak you out to be loud?

In this episode I talk about the internal and external effects of silence, why we need to challenge silence and the case to be loud.

Episode 77: The Case To Be Loud

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The Sound of Silence

Silence is probably the most harmful thing we can do to ourselves and in turn, to others.

We will say that silence is an act of peace. Subsequently we have been taught that being  "neutral" and submissive to the noise, the more we are keeping peace.

Honestly, I question that. I think we cling to silence because loudness scares us. Meanwhile silence has caused more damage within us, than loudness ever has.

In the same vein, this extends to society and societal issues.

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Silence and Society

In Episode 76, Black Lives Matter, something I explored with Guest Lorren Cotton was the sound of silence, in specific white silence.

When we do not say all the things that we have been taught not to say.

When we do not explore the topics we have been taught not the talk about.

When we do not learn the history of the things we were taught to not explore.

We hurt.

Self Check Yourself

In this episode I asked you to self-check yourself with this very question:

What is an act of loudness you can take today? 

Once you take that act of loudness, how did it make you feel?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you explored.